Primary health data


4-week online seminar

Cost: USD50 the first introductory seminar

After that, $900 for 3 weeks of personal classes.

The certificate will be awarded after successfully completing an exam.

Course objectives:
1. Identify sources of primary health data
2. Have sharp tools for every document you prepare for any health industry client. These tools include spelling, grammar, typing and computer skills.
3. Prepare abstracts for National Library of Medicine (PubMed) from primary health data
4. Prepare general audience articles from primary data
5. Prepare review article from NLM-published primary-data articles
5. Identify misrepresentation of health data
6. Identify potential clients and employers
7. Successfully market yourself to clients and employers

Who should take the course:
1. Healthcare professionals wanting to transition into health industry jobs as professional health writers
2. Graduate and undergraduate students in life sciences
3. Professionals wanting to prepare medical journal articles and submit grant proposals

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The Medical Writing Institute is a boutique school for training health and life science professionals in the art of medical writing and editing. The Institute invites professionals whose need help with their manuscripts, presentations and documents to hire our certified medical writers. The director, Dr Susanna J Dodgson, has been teaching medical writing since 2004, and life sciences since the 1970s, and really wants health science information to be properly presented. Because inaccurate health information kills.