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MJoTA (Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa) started as a pdf journal published first on Jan 15, 2007, with 3 issues a year. Publication of stories has never ceased, and from authors as different from each other as the countries where they live.

The following story was written by Miss Natasha, who, with her friend Miss Farai, pulled the Medical Writing Institute Director out of a ditch when she slipped and broke leg bones in Lusaka, Zambia. Miss Natasha was promised a scholarship to study medicine: politics changed and she remains in Zambia as the MJoTA Zambia assistant medical editor. Miss Natasha has all the elements of a good clinician and a good medical writer: she observes, analyses and writes without fussing. Please enjoy her first story,

Natasha Mofya. The University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka Zambia. MJoTA 2016 v10n21216

I am just 20, and have completed high school, but I always remember the university teaching hospital mentioned on television on the news about health matters. All I knew about it was it was the biggest and the only teaching hospital in Zambia where patients were referred if their cases could not be treated at local clinics click here.

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