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Medical Writing Institute gives help to authors writing their stories, or others’ stories or fiction.

Currently, we are working with a well-respected, well-loved immigration lawyer on his stories from when Barbados became independent. Each story is critiqued for substance, flow, believability, and grammar. This job is exceedingly easy, and delightful, Richard Andrew King has been writing logical articles for courts for over 3 decades.

Every story brings whiffs of tropical sea breezes, and an understanding of how poor folks survived and kept themselves healthy when they had to rely on each other, and occasionally, the kindness of outsiders who had no idea of what these young folks could achieve, given half a chance.

Contact Dr Dodgson on drdodgson@medicalwritinginstitute.us if you have stories you have told and published, and you would like us to help. We have partners with long experience in publishing who will work with you if we are unable.

Emerald Pademelon Press LLC page started on “Love Me, Barbados” by Richard Andrew King, a collection of stories of Barbados during 1966, when it became an independent nation  click here

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Contact Dr Dodgson: drdodgson@medicalwritinginstitute.us


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The Medical Writing Institute is a boutique school for training health and life science professionals in the art of medical writing and editing. The Institute invites professionals whose need help with their manuscripts, presentations and documents to hire our certified medical writers. The director, Dr Susanna J Dodgson, has been teaching medical writing since 2004, and life sciences since the 1970s, and really wants health science information to be properly presented. Because inaccurate health information kills.