Take charge of your career

The Medical Writing Institute sees its main purpose as giving back to its members the confidence they once had in their own abilities and accomplishments.

When we were 9, we knew everything, we knew we were gorgeous, we knew we were adored. Most of us. And then we studied and grew up and were awarded university degrees and graduate university degrees and doctorates, and by that time, we realized life is hard, and a lot of our confidence had been knocked out of us.

The Medical Writing Institute wants you to know that your accomplishments are awesome, and what you mostly need is to learn how to package them so that you will be hired, given a contract, awarded a grant.

When you become a member and enroll in Medical Writing Institute classes, you will be coached individually according to your goals.

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Contact Dr Dodgson: drdodgson@medicalwritinginstitute.us

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The Medical Writing Institute is a boutique school for training health and life science professionals in the art of medical writing and editing. The Institute invites professionals whose need help with their manuscripts, presentations and documents to hire our certified medical writers. The director, Dr Susanna J Dodgson, has been teaching medical writing since 2004, and life sciences since the 1970s, and really wants health science information to be properly presented. Because inaccurate health information kills.