Asian regulations; cosmetics

The Medical Writing Institute is scheduling seminars: one on Asian regulations and one on cosmetics.

These will be led by the associate director of the Medical Writing Institute: Angus Dodgson Pekala BS (St Joseph’s Univ Phila), MS (Univ Sci Phila). Mr Pekala has for over a decade worked with US and Asian regulators of drugs, and since 2013, has been based in Asia.

Seminar on Asian regulations: how they compare with FDA and EMEA regulations, what is required to have drugs manufactured and marketed across Asia.

Seminar and cosmetics and cosmecueticals: what is required to manufacture and market cosmetics in any market; how does regulation of cosmetics differ from herbal medicines and supplements.

Cost of attendance of either seminar: $50. No charge for members of the Medical Writing Institute. Contact Dr Dodgson at for date, time and access.

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