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Your Linkedin profile is where you have your first opportunity at convincing a client or employer that when they hire you and hand over cash, they have hired a professional who will complete their tasks competently and on time.

Your summary: do not describe who you are, describe what you have done and can do.

Your past jobs: delete “responsibilities”, include what you did. “Responsibilities for payroll” is meaningless; “created payroll database and paid every employee every Friday” is spectacular.

You do not want to lose a potential client or employer before you have even found jobs they are looking to fill. If the Linkedin profile looks like you spent 5 minutes on it and really do not care about it; that is like inviting someone into your house and leading them into a room with dishes piled up in the sink and the counters. Understand that inviting anyone to read your profile is like inviting them into your home, and understand that you need to make the best possible impression. Because an employer reading a messy resume will conclude that you are a mess, and are not interested in taking care with work assignments that you are given.

Your photograph: dress for the job you want.

Pharmaceutical industry jobs: wear a collar shirt (men and women) or something that looks professional (don’t show chest skin) and a jacket, if appropriate. Have the photograph taken against a background that does not contrast with you, or make you fade into it. Look pleasant, slight smile, do not grin unless your job requires grinning. That all sounds boring, the picture does not have to be. My own picture was taken in New Jersey during a Kenyan festival in July 2008, and I am wearing a hat.

The main error I see with Linkedin profile pictures is when they look like passport pictures, all face. A portrait down to the waist is better, having a candidate’s face loom over a profile is threatening. A profile picture needs to enhance the profile and tell the same story as the lists of what the candidate can do and has done.

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