MJoTA (Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa)

How to prepare an article for MJoTA: write as if for a client in the health industry. Health industries are public and private or both: federal, state, and local governments; pharmaceutical, biologic and device companies; healthcare practices; or universities colleges and schools. Clients from all these industries pay for articles, for books, journal articles, anything … Continue reading MJoTA (Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa)

Rape and human life

An exercise for medical writers. Watch the documentary on rape, India’s Daughter, prepared in India (it keeps being removed and reposted, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQZQF1ip9gM), and then read the essay below. The essay was posted anonymously in the New York Times after a passionate essay by an Indian woman who had been raped and told she was being … Continue reading Rape and human life