Hire a Medical Writing Institute medical writer or medical editor

The Medical Writing Institute and its faculty has been teaching medical writing and editing and life sciences since the 1970s; we have trained many medical writers who now have successful medical writing careers.

We are here to help you with our professionals, at a reasonable price. We do not have a middle man removing a cut; all fees go directly to the Medical Writing Institute professional.

Recently our professionals have worked with medical journal manuscripts from Chinese, Turkish universities, as well as institutions in countries where English is usually the first language.

Simple process: send us access to the
-slide deck
-text-book chapter
-grant proposal
-clinical trial protocol

Within 5 hours a Medical Writing Institute professional will get back to you with a price, a proposed contract and terms of payment.

Medical Writing Institute asks for the first third up front, the second third half-way through and the final payment after delivery of the first draft. We will then give you a second draft, incorporating your suggestions. If you need a third draft, this must be negotiated.


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