Medical Writing Institute Members and Fellows

Dr Susanna J Dodgson FMWI is the director of the Medical Writing Institute. After completing a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biochemistry and Physiology and a minor in Chemistry, she completed an additional honours year in the School of Biochemistry in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, and then a doctorate in philosophy from the School of Physiology and Pharmacology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. A post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia turned into an 18-year academic career, with publication of manuscripts mostly on carbon dioxide handling by the body, and the title of Research Associate Professor. Twenty years as a professional medical writer included 4 years as Director of the Master of Science Program in Biomedical Writing with the title of full Professor of Biomedical Writing at what was the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy.

Mr Richard A King Esq is the legal adviser to the Medical Writing Institute and MJoTA. He has had a long career as a NYC lawyer, a US State Department lawyer in Africa and in the United States, and as an immigration attorney. He grew up in his native Barbados, and has university degrees from New York City. He occasionally writes for MJoTA and is always available for initial free consultation, click here.

Ms Wanda J Reese MMWI has been awarded a Medical Writing Certificate from the Institute of Medical Writing. Ms Reese has been a professional medical writer for over a decade and has built a successful freelance business in the pharmaceutical industry. Ms Reese was trained in communication and her previous career was writing for both on and off air for local and national media. Ms Reese has been a Member of the Medical Writing Institute (MMWI) since its inception in 2008.

Dr FNA Sackey FMWI has been awarded an Advanced Medical Writing Certificate from the Medical Writing Institute. An advanced certificate is awarded to a bona fide scientist who has worked in basic research more than 10 years, has taught full-time in a university for at least two years, has a doctorate earned in an laboratory in an accredited university, has completed Medical Writing Institute courses with merit, and has a freelance medical writing business of at least four years. Dr Sackey taught medical students as a lecturer in biochemistry (assistant professor) for 4 years and has had an active freelance medical writing career for 10 years. She is a Fellow of the Medical Writing Institute (FMWI), click here.

Mr Arturo Serize MPH, PA-C MMWI has been awarded a Medical Writing Certificate from the Institute of Medical Writing. Mr Serize is a licensed physician assistant with over 10 years of experience with clinical trial management, including over 100 Phase I to IV clinical trials, with both clinical and administrative functions. He interprets, and writes, clinical trial documents and implements FDA requirements for testing and reporting human interactions with drugs, medical devices, and vaccines. click here.