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Welcome to the online home of the Medical Writing Institute. We started out at and moved partly to and to a Facebook page, Medical Writing Institute. You will still find articles, videos, and links on and, but those sites are becoming too jammed.

News July, 2017

Mr Richard A King Esq is the legal adviser to the Medical Writing Institute and MJoTA. He has had a long career as a NYC lawyer, a US State Department lawyer in Africa and in the United States, and as an immigration attorney. He grew up in his native Barbados, and has university degrees from New York City. He occasionally writes for MJoTA and is always available for initial free consultation, click here.

Ms Wanda J Reese MMWI, has been awarded a Medical Writing Certificate from the Institute of Medical Writing. Ms Reese has been a professional medical writer for over a decade and has built a successful freelance business in the pharmaceutical industry. Ms Reese was trained in communication and her previous career was writing for both on and off air for local and national media. Ms Reese has been a Member of the Medical Writing Institute (MMWI) since its inception in 2008.

Dr FNA Sackey FMWI, has been awarded an Advanced Medical Writing Certificate from the Medical Writing Institute. An advanced certificate is awarded to a bona fide scientist who has worked in basic research more than 10 years, has taught full-time in a university for at least two years, has a doctorate earned in an laboratory in an accredited university, has completed Medical Writing Institute courses with merit, and has a freelance medical writing business of at least four years. Dr Sackey taught medical students as a lecturer in biochemistry (assistant professor) for 4 years and has had an active freelance medical writing career for 10 years. She is a Fellow of the Medical Writing Institute (FMWI), click here.


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——————- started out as the online home of the Medical Journal of Therapeutics Africa, which started publication on January 15, 2007, as a class exercise for medical writing students. It still has that function: we will publish articles by professionals who have a career as a medical writer, or want one. started life as MJoTA Under Attack, when MJoTA was being sued for $20 million in Brooklyn Federal Court by a woman who claims her father, when a small boy, rose from the dead after 3 days. She decided she really did not like me, and because she had a law license, she sued me, claiming I had published emails and articles making up a sexual affair with a New York newspaper publisher, when all she ever liked to do was pray and fast. I had not published anything, I did not know she was up to anything with anyone, nor did I care, but then the publisher provided 500 pages of proof of their relationship, and a simultaneous relationship with another man, oh my. Then a Kenyan living in an apartment in Minnesota, claiming to build university cities in Nigeria and Kenya joined her, suing me in Minnesota, because he really did not like me either.

What made the whole nonsense spectacular was that the daughter of the raised-from-the-dead-boy served me papers at an event for Africans for Bloomberg, in Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign headquarters in New York. And hit me on the face with my own camera.

So I was feeling a little sorry for myself, which vanished after I spent 6 glorious weeks home in Australia with my wonderful brothers, who have never, and will never, understand why I chose to live in America. So the URL became

My accuser? She was ordained, awarded a PhD in criminal justice, started a church in her expensive house in Westbury, New York. Ah. The cases were all thrown out because federal, state and local courts in the United States of America are not run like reality shows. For which I am truly grateful.

I have far too much hyperactivity, Asperger’s, and scientific training to publish a website only about myself, although I find my relatives endlessly fascinating (some of them made international headlines with their deaths, and with their lives click here), and so I decided to post pages that teach about human rights issues and about African countries. And countries connected to Africa. And Caribbean countries. And New York. And Philadelphia… Six years of posting pages on Lots of videos, audio casts, photographs…

Meanwhile I wanted a site for my publishing company: that is And one for issues focused on peace, that is Five websites are enough for now, let us hope for a long time.

Anyway, back to medical writing. I care passionately about medical writing, health communication, scientific translation, whatever you want to call it. Because good folks make decisions that impact their health, and their lives, depending on what they read, hear, and see.

The mission of the Medical Writing Institute is to train professionals to write accurately and ethically. And if you do not understand the science, do not write it, please partner with someone who does understand it. Nothing is worse than important clinical trials interpreted by an English major who has not understood why, how and what happened in the trial, but has written a beautiful piece of nonsense.

I have found that training in journalism and philosophy are excellent bases for careers in medical writing. But only if you stay curious, find out everything you do not know, learn everything about a disease from the molecule to the deathbed. Medical writing teachers have told me that teaching a humanities major about life sciences and medicine is easier than teaching writing to a scientist or a physician. The main take-home message is that you can make a good living with a job that requires excellent medical writing if you are humble and accept knowledge and training from reputable sources.

And I firmly believe that medical writers hold keys to fixing climate change. Because that is a health issue. Parasites that kill us and other life that sustain us can thrive or die when water stops or floods or swirls around. And war is a health issue. Nothing stops health quicker than being shot or blown up. And education is a health issue.


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The Medical Writing Institute trains science and health professionals in medical writing. We help you build your portfolio and give you the skills you need to market yourself for a career in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical writer or other professional. We will also tell you if a career as a medical writer is not for you, and direct you elsewhere.

All training is online when you enroll in the Medical Writing Institute directly. Faculty members are fluent in a number of Asian and European languages and will give onsite training throughout Asia, Europe, South America and the United States of America.

Award of a Medical Writing Institute Certificate requires proof that you understand the science behind disease and injury, drugs, devices, biologics and vaccines; that you understand statistical evidence; how experimental and observational data are published; can prepare grant and business proposals; know and your way around databases, and that you are nimble and accurate with language.

If you can read all the documents, with all the videos, complete all the assignments and pass all the exams in 10 weeks, then you will be awarded your certificate. If you do not pass, you will continue receiving instruction until you do. Applicants to the Medical Writing Institute are only accepted if they have a definite probability of achieving their goals, and really want to.

Medical writing is hard, more a marathon than a sprint.

Medical writing training overview click here

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