How to enroll in the Medical Writing Institute

If you are interested in some classes, or just curious about medical writing, please take the survey and afterwards, send your name and contact information to  click here.

The Medical Writing Institute trains science and health professionals in medical writing. We help you build your portfolio and give you the skills you need to market yourself for a career in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical writer or other professional.

We will also tell you if a career as a medical writer is not for you, and direct you elsewhere. Medical writing training has become a racket: university degrees in it cost over $40,000 and are no guarantee that you will ever get a job as a medical writer. I am still hearing frequently from graduates who have been unable to get that first medical writing contract even after 10 years.

Most working medical writers do not have a certificate, a degree or a graduate degree in medical writing. They have mostly been pointed in the right direction, perhaps by EMWA or AMWA, picked up the bits they needed to get past the gatekeepers, and are doing very well. Because they had the right skill-set to start.

Medical Writing Institute will tell you what skills you need to acquire, help you acquire them, and hold your hand when you are looking for contracts and jobs. Or help writing grant proposals, manuscripts, posters, visual aids.

After you contact the director for a free consultation (by phone, Skype, or Facebook audio), after which you can decide whether to procede. The first on-on-one class is $50: you will be given an overview of your strengths and any gaps that need to be filled for you to achieve your goal.

The cost of joining the Medical Writing Institute is $900, which will give you access to one-on-one coaching, lectures, assignments, help with writing your resume and social media. If and when you complete all requirements, which includes getting a job or a contract, you will be awarded a Certificate of Medical Writing.

If you continue and are awarded an Advanced Certificate of Medical Writing, you will be invited to be part of our highly educated, highly accomplished faculty.

All training is online and by one-on-one coaching over telephone, Skype, Facebook audio, whichever works for you. Medical Writing Institute Faculty members are fluent in a few Asian, European and African languages and will give onsite training throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and the United States of America. We give guidance for scientists and health professionals who need to write funding proposals.

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