Medical Writing Institute certificate programs

In April 2017, the Medical Writing Institute is starting another intensive 6-week program. You may not be able to complete all complicated assignments during that time, but you will get started on them all. Depending on your background, you will need to devote 10-20 hours a week to complete the program in 6 weeks.

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The classes are individual, by phone, Skype, Facebook audio, email, text messages, videos and web pages.

Certification will be based on your formal education, your goals and what you produce. Classes will include documentation, style, grammar, library techniques, reporting statistics, regulatory laws and agency requirements, social media and getting a job.

Take your time, but if you have not produced even a draft of an article by 2 weeks, you will be asked to try again when things ease up for you. This training always takes longer than you believe, and perhaps your reach was greater than your grasp. Which has defined me most of my life.

The Medical Writer Institute certifies medical writers after they have gone through the training program, passed written and oral exams and proved that they understand that “inaccurate health information kills”. Medical writers certified by the Medical Writing Institute pledge to:

  • prepare from primary sources documents, grant proposals, journal articles, presentations
  • acknowledge all sources and attribute all data
  • translate all data accurately into clear, concise prose, tables and figures
  • report statistics and significance accurately
  • quote accurate times and efforts for all projects
  • prepare regulatory agency documents from verified data using template and guidelines

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