Medical Writing Institute certificate programs

In April 2017, we will be offering an intensive 3-week program, Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. You obviously cannot complete complicated assignments during that time, but you will get started on them all.

The classes will be 2 hours each morning and each afternoon and assignments will be started during class time. The cost is $900 and class size is limited to 3.

Examination will be based on what you produce. Classes will include documentation, style, library techniques, reporting statistics, social media and getting a job.

After the classes end, you will have 4 weeks to complete a journal-ready publication, a grant application, and a mock clinical study report. All projects will be started during class time.


The Medical Writing Institute also offers a 3-week intensive residential class.

Classes will be held Monday through Friday each week, 9-12; 1-4pm; and, optional, 5-8pm. No more than 4 students will be enrolled; the class will run with only a single student. Times for classes are a guide, and are flexible.

We will provide lunch, which is mainly plant based. MJoTA office and library are easily accessible from Philadelphia airport, and bus or train stations in Philadelphia, Westmont or Camden, New Jersey.

The cost, including lunch and classroom instruction, will be $1,000. We will help you make arrangements for accommodation. If you would like to come earlier or stay later, we can arrange that.

Contact the director to inquire about enrollment and say when you would like to come and how many students are included.


Classes have been held by Skype, through Facebook and Google Hangout. The most effective classes have been held by you calling into a phone number I give you so that the audio is recorded, and you can listen again later.

Each class includes an assignment. Until you have finished each assignment, you will not progress to the next stage. This is also real life, medical writers do not get to decide which projects they will continue with and which they will abandon. Unless they work freelance, but if they do this too often, the freelance contracts will dry up and payment is often not made for incomplete work.

You will be given access to locked pages, webinars and materials as you demonstrate competence in writing assignments. And they are a lot, a lot of work.

In the Fall, we will also be offering classes at a slower pace for professionals already working and thinking about changing careers.

To be awarded a Medical Writing Institute Communication Certificate you need show competence in writing for professional medical journals, slide presentations, posters, websites, online social media pages.

To be awarded a Medical Writing Institute Editing Certificate you must show competence in editing journal articles, style guides and writing press releases, abstracts, and summaries.

To be awarded a Medical Writing Institute Professional Medical Writer Certificate you must complete requirements by oral and written examinations and have a job or have had at least one contract in the health or pharmaceutical industry (private or public).

Fees? Not much. You can afford them.


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