Rape and human life

An exercise for medical writers.

Watch the documentary on rape, India’s Daughter, prepared in India (it keeps being removed and reposted, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQZQF1ip9gM), and then read the essay below. The essay was posted anonymously in the New York Times after a passionate essay by an Indian woman who had been raped and told she was being done a favor by the rapists, and had strong feelings that the documentary should be watched by everyone.

Write a reasoned rebuttal to the essay. Ask yourself: how accurate are, or can be, the rape data in a country where lawyer in open court say they will set any women relative on fire if she is raped.

Rape is a health issue. It is not a social issue, it is not a wonderful side effect of letting women drive and be educated. It is a vicious, malicious crime, and assault on the core of a woman, on the core of a family. Because it can result in new life, or the death of the woman raped. As it did for the young medical student described in the documentary.

RSK, Greenwich, CT

The government of India shouldn’t suppress free speech. That said, India has one of the lowest percentages of rapes of women in the world (Ranked 94th). A woman is 10 times more likely to be raped in the US or the UK. Don’t expect western media (including NYT) to ever mention this statistic. Just because Indians protested for justice for the victim of this particular assault doesn’t mean that India’s problem with rape is much worse than other countries. I believe the protests were a result of a frustration with a slow moving judicial system than with the problem of rape itself.

Western media is all over this documentary probably because it makes folks in the west feel superior, which when it comes to the issue of rape has no basis in fact. The documentary uses the words of a psychopath on death row and projects his views on to all men in India. It’s a deeply dishonest narrative akin to saying that all US males are like the guy who shot kids in that elementary school in Newtown, CT.

India has a problem with rape, just like any other country. It’s heartening to see India deal with the problem sensibly by strengthening laws and creating awareness.

Meanwhile, the film maker should go back to her own country (UK) and deal with the rape situation there which is 10 times worse.

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